Complying with Government Regulations

Although often companies may not see any advantages to complying with government rules and regulations there is one set of circumstances which certainly has advantages in a company complying with the rules. That set of circumstances is when the government is seeking a company to fulfill a contract as they will only use a company which does comply with the rules, ruling out any company that doesn’t. Government contracts can be very financially rewarding to any company that is able to secure one and so most companies would want to be considered for any contracts available and so ensure they remain suitably qualified.

It is the job of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) to determine if a company qualifies for receiving a government contract or not and so in qualifying a company is said to be in OFCCP compliance and therefore available to be offered contracts. One of the most important factors which the OFCCP look for is that a company follows the regulations relating to nondiscrimination in the hiring of new employees.

This means that in order to stay OFCCP compliant, many companies across the length and breadth of the country, report any job vacancies they have when they arise to the OFCCP and also inform them of when and how they filled them. The office is therefore made aware of a large majority of job openings in the country and places them in a uniquely good position to help those people that may be looking for work. As the office is a part of the Department of labor they also have an obligation to try and keep unemployment in the country down to a minimum and so they do this by making the vacancies they are informed of, available to be seen by the unemployed.

The country is, of course, large though and there are a great number of vacancies arising all the time and so in order to make it easier for someone unemployed to find a vacancy which may suit them, the office breaks all these vacancies down into listings by areas, reducing the numbers each unemployed person has to search through. This is a great help to many unemployed people but unfortunately, as the efforts of the OFCCP are not known to everyone, not all the unemployed are aware of this help and so cannot take advantage of it.

The fact that the office take the extra effort to break down the vacancies by areas is very important as most unemployed people rather found an opening in their area rather than having to relocate which apart from being very stressful and inconvenient to the rest of their family, can also be expensive, especially to someone who has just experienced a period of unemployment. The OFCCP though, under these circumstances usually recommends relocating to have a job in preference to staying where you are and not having one but you could, of course, look at listings for areas close by and consider commuting weekly rather than totally relocating.