Local SEO

Although a growing number of website owners are now aware of the need to use SEO on their websites, not all are aware of the need for local SEO as well as more general SEO. Although general SEO often referred to as global SEO can be effective for any business, it is most effective for businesses which cater to an online audience regardless of where they are located or a business which is known and has branches worldwide such as Amazon or Burger King but if a business is located in lust one place, then SEO which is of a more local nature could be more effective.

This means that a company that makes hammers for worldwide distribution may benefit from SEO which just mentions hammers but a hardware store located in Leicester would benefit more with SEO Leicester being applied, such as something like “hammers Leicester”. Although both may be picked up on a search for either, if the search was initiated in Leicester, the second would be most likely to appear at the top of the search engine’s list of results.

Some SEO specialists may recommend using both local and global SEO but most will also recommend an element of social SEO also be used. These are strategies that can take advantage of the fact that an increasing number of internet users are using it for social media and so having a presence on social media like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube can be very beneficial to any business, regardless of its location. It is estimated that if a business has been made a “friend” on one of these media, that friend is 4 times more likely to become a customer and so far as a business is concerned, making fiends is not just a past time, it can be a very profitable endeavor.

Of course though, getting visitors to your website is only half the battle as those visitors are only potential customers and so it will be the job of the website itself to convince them to become actual customers. For that reason it is essential that the website is of high quality, a quality high enough to encourage people to stay to see what the website can offer them. Of course, if a visitor is there because they made a relevant search online, then they probably have a need for something you can provide but a good website may even be able to convince other visitors that they may need something the website can provide.

It is therefore for that reason that many of the better websites will have interesting articles about things related to what the website is offering, in the hope to instill a desire to at least try something available from the site. For instance a business which sells fishing rods may have interesting articles about any aspect of fishing, hopefully encouraging the visitor to want to at least give fishing a try, even if they had never before given it a thought.